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April 29th, 2008 @3:16 pm  

I can’t believe that! Is that a permanent tattoo on her forehead? That means it is never going to go away! I could never do that, was it for over a million dollars or something?

Phoebe Chin Said,
April 30th, 2008 @5:59 am  

It is permanent and she pocketed in $10,000 for that. Story was she needs those money for his son.

funnebone Said,
April 30th, 2008 @7:50 pm  

tattoos are stupid to begin with…why not get paid,,what makes some supposed chinese symbol for love and more symbolic that a windows logo?

Tammy Said,
May 2nd, 2008 @12:41 pm  

It could be symbolic for some people who gives meaning to the tattoo. Watch Miami Ink, every tattoo has its significant meaning & story.

so if the window vista to him has a meaning so be it! paid or not paid, tattoo is only worth doing it if it means something to someone

jimmy Said,
May 4th, 2008 @5:45 pm  

I would and will put a logo on my body. i am tattoo artist and co/owen a shop so for the right price i would do it .so any one interested email me..

Donnie Said,
May 5th, 2008 @1:01 pm  

Permanent tattoo can still be removed via laser tattoo removal, though it may leave some scars.

whit Said,
June 13th, 2008 @8:43 pm  

please DON’T watch miami ink. those guys are assholes and don’t represent the majority of people who get tattoos. I have more tattoos than I can count and they all mean something very special to me. I’m not doing it to be cool or fit in with any sort of crowd. It’s a personal choice that anyone can make and shouldn’t be judged for.

joe Said,
June 18th, 2008 @7:29 pm  

if any one want to advertise on my body i would do it for the right price too i love tattoos as much as the next person and no one should be judged for what they do to there body its theres so everyone just deal with it if u dont like it dont look peace

Luka Said,
July 9th, 2008 @1:56 pm  

How to get money for tattoo

Erin Said,
July 11th, 2008 @3:07 pm  

i would love to get started and love to make money doing this is there a way that someone can get a hold of me and tell me how i can get started please singol mother needing money and i love tattoos so ya why not thanx

Erin Said,
July 11th, 2008 @3:08 pm  

o ya email is please get a hold of me so i can start thanx

Michelle Said,
August 2nd, 2008 @4:45 pm  

I would like to get started. I am addicted to pain and love getting tattooed, this will be perfect for me. I need the cash. Any company thats need advertizing, use me.

Jason Said,
August 7th, 2008 @1:04 am  

I’m interested, e-mail me if you would like to use me. I’m a bartender in Vegas so I definately interact with quite a few people.

Kristy Said,
August 25th, 2008 @4:55 pm  

I am very interested.I already have two flower tattoos and would love to make a little extra money.If anyone is interested in paying me for your tattoo please e-mail me. Kristy

Jay Said,
September 2nd, 2008 @11:42 pm  

I would love to get a tattoo to advertise for a company, and make some extra cash I would prefer to advertise for a car company especial Ford or General Motors. If anyone is interested email me

matt Said,
September 10th, 2008 @9:28 am  

i am a tattoo artist and i am in ahard bind would love to advertise for big company for some money please contact me thnk you will put tattoo any where accept for face i dont care how big it is

Idiots Said,
October 22nd, 2008 @7:06 am  

HAHAHA “im addicted to pain” LMAO riiiight. Come over here and let me shove a knige into your left eyeball…I will leave it in there for a while, then tell me how much you “are addicted to pain” Retard.

sean Said,
November 15th, 2008 @6:19 am  

If any one is interested in tating me for some cash hit me up at Im willing to do any tat in almost any spot. Face, neck arm ect.

sean Said,
November 18th, 2008 @5:44 pm  

im rdy 2 tattoo all my budy like this tho….
email me if u want use me lol

donny Said,
November 21st, 2008 @4:55 am  

im intersted to getting paid tattoo advertising. if you wanna use me send me e-mail

donny Said,
November 21st, 2008 @5:01 am  

ah my email address is

caitlin Said,
December 12th, 2008 @5:04 pm  

i would love to get started and love to make money doing this is there a way that someone can get a hold of me and tell me how i can get started. i just had a baby and needing some money. PLUS I LOVE TATTOOS!!!

david Said,
December 21st, 2008 @7:16 am  

I want to get a tattoo to advertise for someone. I would be great because Im a bodybuilder.

December 27th, 2008 @1:01 pm  


Danny Said,
January 5th, 2009 @10:58 pm  

I want to do some tatoo’s for cash. Willing to do anywhere but hands and face, unless I’m paid enough of course. E-mail me and let me know how I can get started.

Ashleyjo6 Said,
January 6th, 2009 @4:50 pm  

I would too….I’m actually looking around right now, but Nothing on my face or anything

jeremy Said,
February 25th, 2009 @7:12 am  

tattoos dont have to mean sh&t i have many and just got skrewed an a add tat2 get the cash first i recomend not getting someones logo tat2ed on your ars get tat2 s cuz ya want to not because your cat died and the kanji symbol for bravery heps you deal with the pain…………………….the northern saloon sucks

mzjonz77 Said,
March 13th, 2009 @9:35 pm  

I’m all about advertising for money!
Have a company that needs advertisement via tattoos?
Email me!

mightyclown Said,
May 6th, 2009 @4:43 pm  

looking to get tattoo(s) for money any where on body EXCEPT MY FACE! don’t matter how big please email me

Trever Said,
May 11th, 2009 @9:24 pm  

yeah same here would put it anywhere besides my face email me asap!!!!!!!!

Commentator Said,
July 7th, 2009 @10:43 am  

Prostitution reinvented, or: ‘my mum is a billboard’.

boston'badboy Said,
July 15th, 2009 @8:17 pm  

whating to get some info on how i can get my body on the market for body advertising

andrew Said,
August 5th, 2009 @2:45 am  


michelle white Said,
November 19th, 2009 @3:58 pm  

i d do it were do i sign up

Omar Said,
December 7th, 2009 @5:21 am  

Im a skateboarder in NYC. sign me up

December 21st, 2009 @7:42 pm  

i have two logos (bordon mlik and morton salt) on me now and now i would like to get paid for more who do i talk to about that

logo Said,
January 19th, 2010 @7:30 am  

i have two logos on my neck it is the famous sighn its a clothing bored does anyone now how i can send them my tatoos

logo Said,
January 19th, 2010 @7:31 am  

i have two logos on my neck it is the famous sighn its a clothing brand does anyone now how i can send them my tatoos

bobbytkrq21 Said,
January 25th, 2010 @10:42 pm  

I just got a Dunkin Donuts tattoo, not for money but for the fact that I literally run on DD. It’d be nice if i got paid for it or even reimbursed for the cost but it’s symbolic to me and it’s not gonna stop there. I love tattoos for the insight within them. Some people act spontaneous and get a random tattoo (like a dead clown), others get a cross to symbolize GOD or someone they have lost. If it symbolizes you in any way, why not get an apple tattoo.?.?.? you love it, show the world!!!

Gary Said,
February 8th, 2010 @10:02 pm  

will get tattoos for money. will get tattoos for money!!! ASAP lol

harper53 Said,
February 18th, 2010 @3:16 am  

i have an under Armour tat how do i get ahold of the company to see if they pay?

Danny Said,
March 3rd, 2010 @9:53 am  

Looking for advertisers to setup contracts with. Contact at for more information. Must be 21 and up. Perferably light skin and average body. Perm and temp tattoo’s.

michael savage Said,
April 18th, 2010 @10:01 pm  

i love having tattoo’s…i only have 4 at the moment and want to get more
if any advertising company who is willing to pay me for having there company name on me i will have it done in a heartbeat…for the right cash anyway lol i’ll have it on my hand, arm, leg , forehead..even my balls lol :D

May 9th, 2010 @3:20 am  

I am young and willing to get a tattoo damn near anywhere on my body for a decent price. Contact me!


inker3955 Said,
May 28th, 2010 @5:30 pm  

I’ll tat myself for money bring it

pitojenn2 Said,
July 18th, 2010 @12:49 am  

The GoldenPalace tattoo on this lady’s forehead is NOT a permanent tattoo. Note the shine around the tattoo and the cracking on the beginning of iof the word “GOLDEN”. It’s clearly a temporary tattoo. She received some money, but if it were $10K, it was merely for the time and venue and time she was to “sport” the tattoo and not for the permanency [or lack thereof]…

Rox0000 Said,
July 23rd, 2010 @7:46 pm  

i need fast cash!! i don’t mind anywhere but face and hands. Im 20 years old female denver, colorado.

Email me at

long1 Said,
August 4th, 2010 @10:07 pm  

contact me via e-mail about paid tatoo ads on my body.

david Said,
October 1st, 2010 @7:00 pm  

id do it e mail me

Bkbebe24 Said,
October 5th, 2010 @5:27 am  

I am a 21 year old Tattoo Artist & College Student from Brooklyn, NY. I love what I do and would not mind advertising a companies logo because I believe its an art nonetheless. I’d do it on myself. Contact me @

mugzy Said,
October 16th, 2010 @12:44 am  

I am interested. I am open for ANYTHING AND ANYWHERE!

October 25th, 2010 @4:52 am  

I want 10,000-25,000 too put the Lacoste Aligator on the right side of my neck i can be reach @

jaymzknight Said,
January 18th, 2011 @10:24 am  

Tattoo Advertising ill do t Tattoo Me Now ill work with you any tattoo almost any where any logo

michael james hattam Said,
February 15th, 2011 @8:11 pm  

Ill get tattoo for cash, i have spent the last few days looking for the info on how to actualy find some one to pay me to get a tattoo, if eny one out there knows the best companys to sighn up with will you email me at or add me on facebook it is michael james hattam,thanks.

Andrea Said,
March 28th, 2011 @3:27 am  

I would love to get some tattoos that advertise my favorite companies. Please email me back with some info.

Andrea Said,
March 28th, 2011 @3:32 am  

My email is please email me any info.

Muricio Said,
May 6th, 2011 @9:05 pm  

Ill get a tattoo for some cash sighn me up

Muricio Said,
May 6th, 2011 @9:11 pm Im thinking of a corona extra beer tatoo or something else

Twest25 Said,
May 17th, 2011 @9:40 pm  

I willing to get ink anywhere on my body my contact email is

nell&steph Said,
May 27th, 2011 @4:48 am  

i’d like to get the DC logo on the side of my neck…there is alot of logos that i wouldn’t mind getting. getting paid for it would just be a plus considering i love tattoos anyways and i’m broke as fuck. if anyone that would like to help me out email me or check out my facebook or hell call me. , 423-300-3147

plzhelpus Said,
May 27th, 2011 @3:26 pm  

how do i sign up for a logo tattoo, my cousin is ten and needs life saving cancer treatment in america so i want to do this and get some big money pls let me no

CorbinNC Said,
July 26th, 2011 @5:45 pm  

I’ll do it email me at for any kind of tattoo ad needed

Aria Said,
August 11th, 2011 @5:23 am  

Hey i got a company i want someone to put my company logo on his/her hip, so if anyone is interested please contact me.

Aria Said,
August 11th, 2011 @5:24 am  

my email address is:

Scarpino Said,
August 11th, 2011 @5:29 am  

Get a fuck over here, lollllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

Mrfuckuptoyou Said,
August 11th, 2011 @9:57 pm  

Hey ill tattoo myself for money hit me up.

pUrp420 Said,
September 1st, 2011 @3:04 am  

wow” i heard of this on the news but never thought
people where actually doing this looks like a easy way two
make a buck” if you ask me i would be open minded two something
like this depending on the logo that is and the payoff l0l..

lolo Said,
October 5th, 2011 @12:57 am  

I wanna know how to get payed for tattooing a companys name on me please e-mail me at on how to do this.

prest Said,
October 5th, 2011 @8:57 pm  

Hi there, I am in the UK and I would love to find out how to get paid for selling my body space for an advertising tattoo, please get in touch, thankyou ( I am female )

prest Said,
October 5th, 2011 @8:59 pm  

Hi there, I am in the UK and I would love to find out how to get paid for selling my body space for an advertising tattoo, please get in touch, thankyou ( I am female ) my email add-

david mark Said,
October 9th, 2011 @6:39 pm  

hello get back to me anybody who want to advert yahoo at . if intrested in working with me

wade tighteyes Said,
October 12th, 2011 @1:39 am  

i got a polo horse and wanna qet sponsered for it contact me at

commenter bill Said,
November 6th, 2011 @2:44 am  

im selling skin space for advertisment…no tatto to large for the right price.drop me a email.

bigdogg1978 Said,
December 1st, 2011 @3:20 am  

I will let you tattoo me anywhere you want except my face. No matter how big or what it is if the price is right then letts get to it. Text lloyd at 440- four two zero – seven 3 five 2.

Ann Mori Said,
December 1st, 2011 @10:04 pm  

My step son has a Lexus tattoo logo ,and I was wondering how to go about getting him paid for advertising?

Daqste Said,
December 6th, 2011 @4:08 pm  

Hallo zusammen,
Bin bereit für ein Logo Werbung auf meinem Arm oder das ganze Bein! Weil ich will ein Rücken Tattoo machen lassen & vielleicht kann ich mir es ja so leisten, also Verkaufe ich mein Arm oder Bein für Werbung. Wer ist daran Interessiert mich zu unterstützen dabei? Interessenten bitte bei mir melden.

Hi all,
Am ready for a logo advertising on my arm or entire leg! Because I want a back tattoo can make and maybe I can afford it so so so I Sell my arm or leg for advertising. Anyone who is interested to support myself? If interested please contact me.

raymond jackson Said,
February 8th, 2012 @8:19 pm  

How do i get ahold of a company that will sponsor me in getting their logo tattooed on me?

March 19th, 2012 @7:05 am  

iwant to know in which way you pay if i forward my body for ad.

jamie777 Said,
May 26th, 2012 @9:16 am  

I want to know how much I would get paid to get Google tatted on me

mack.of.all Said,
June 3rd, 2012 @9:39 pm  

i have a hollister bird on my side how do i get paid.?

Sascha Feller Said,
July 10th, 2012 @12:25 pm  

I would give my whole backbody for the right ammount of money :)

angie Said,
September 15th, 2012 @5:42 pm  

Well my best friend do tattoos very well call him 4 prices an pics
1708)510-8875 mister blaze

Darcy Kory Said,
October 13th, 2012 @7:48 am  

Im a Tattoo artist and I think getting tattooed for profit and advertizing is a great idea for both parties involved.
I have space available on my body if any serious company wants to negotiate a fair deal, Contact me at

Jhuarez Khang Said,
October 13th, 2012 @8:37 pm  

I live in sunny, hot AZ. skin is always flashing around this area. Great place for body ads. please contact me at or call me at 1-732-930-8588. I already have tattooes and have plenty of room for more.

shawn3416 Said,
October 17th, 2012 @1:27 pm  

i would like to learn more about geting paid for advertisement tattoos please email me @

me Said,
January 27th, 2013 @12:16 am  

I seriously want to know more about how this works. I need to know when & how do I get paid for doing this? If I ever remove the tattoo will the company want a refund because I no longer wear it & how much is it going to cost to have it removed? Is there a spacific tattoo parlor Im supposed to goto to get this done? What pappers do I have to sign to ensure I get paid accordingly?

Dani133 Said,
March 24th, 2013 @9:37 pm  

I am a livejasmin model and there for promote my body all the time. I am very interested in getting a advertisment tattoo anywhere on my body except my forehead. contact me at

April 10th, 2013 @4:03 am  

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April 19th, 2013 @12:32 am  

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dncenik Said,
April 24th, 2013 @2:25 pm  

My name is Adam and I am a male dancer in Florida. I am interested in getting paid for tattooing logos on my body. Please contatct me at

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mamasink Said,
January 9th, 2014 @5:35 pm  

I am a tattoo artist and am financially in a bind at the moment. Would love to advertise for what I have a passion for. Especially for money! Please let me know the steps to doing this. Thank you!

April 13th, 2014 @10:58 am  

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Jojojellybean Said,
August 3rd, 2014 @1:56 am  

My husband and I are both VERY interested in tattoo advertising. Ready willing and able. If anyone knows how to go about doing that let me know please!!

August 6th, 2014 @1:51 pm  

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chrystal Said,
December 2nd, 2015 @4:00 am  

I want to get started too. I will tattoo logos. Send me how to get this started please

December 21st, 2015 @5:20 pm  

They can also be flying to be a group and trailing to the
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Hannes Said,
January 20th, 2016 @8:57 am  

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February 1st, 2016 @3:12 am  

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